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Hard Landscaping

The term ‘hard landscape’ is used describe landscape architecture and the improvement by use of construction materials and design. In short… Make your garden look pretty!


Were experienced on a wide range of machines, so any excavating can be done efficiently whilst making sure we leave the area say and tidy.

laying Lawn Turf

A nice level lawn can make or break a garden, and with turfing relatively cheap compared to paving it can transform your garden without breaking the bank.

Walled Beds

Walled beds can be a great addition to your garden, they can be built using either brickwork or blockwork which can then rendered or garden walling. Sometimes it’s nice to give a bit of height and these will all provide that.

Sleeper beds

Hardwood, softwood or reclaims railway sleepers are a better option if you prefer the softer look compared to brickwork. Using sleepers for walls and beds will also save you money on labour costs.

Water Features and Ornaments

The sound of a water feature is very relaxing, and with them being self-contained they require no plumbing. Ornaments and ornamental stone go so well together, if your after a low or zero maintenance garden, with so much choice there’s something for every taste.

  • Pricing

    Work TypeAverage Price
    excavation work per m3£35
    laying of new turf per m2£20
    Edging per linear metre£40
    Garden wall per m2£50
    Raised planters from£50
    Please note: All above prices are a guide, as jobs will be priced individually.
  • Gallery of Recent Hard Landscaping Projects

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    Turf or Seed?

    A good quality turf will take quickly and give you results immediately. Seed will take time to establish but may prove to give a more even robust lawn in the long run.

    Can you design my garden?

    Yes, we can do that, or if it’s going to be a big project we can organise a designer we work with to do it for you, or we can work with your chosen designer.

    I want my garden lanscaped in stages is the ok?

    Yes of course, if you’re not sure what to d in different areas of your garden, they don’t need to be all done at once. We can give you ideas of what can be done and the best advice we can.