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Composite Decking

One of our favourite materials to work with, gives a 25 year guarantee and no need to sand and re-stain each year!. We like to use Trex as our supplier as they are the market leaders in our experience.

Hardwood and Softwood Decking

Timber decking is a nice product to use if you prefer timber boards over composite, if looked after properly it will last many years, hardwood provides a bit more quality but softwoods good if you have a small budget.

Inset Deck LED Lights

Led deck lights are great for decking, they clip in the decking and sit flush with the top of the boards, there cheap to run and come in many different colours, or fit them with an rgb and they will change colour on there own.

Railings, Step work and End Boards

Steps and end boards. Railings or balustrades are a must if your decks on a higher level for safety, there are many different types, timber, composite, glass panels or even a nice thick length of rope.

Decking Framework

The subframe should be kept off the ground with geotextile laid underneath to stop weed growth, treated timber is normally used bolted to posts that are concreted in the ground.

Treatments, Oils and Stains.

If you have timber deck boards, oils or stain will prolong the life of the deck, some people use fence paint however we don’t recommend this as it wears of on foot traffic.

  • Pricing

    Work TypeAverage Price
    Composite decking per m2 fitted£140
    Softwood decking per m2 fitted£75
    Hardwood decking per m2 fitted£140
    Underfoot deck LEDs per LED£30
    Timber balustrades per linear meter£85
    Please note: All above prices are a guide, as jobs will be priced individually.
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  • What is composite decking made from?

    Trex composite decking is made form 95% recycled timber and plastic.

    Do I need to keep my decking frame off the ground?

    Yes, the frame should be kept off the ground to stop it rotting.

    Whats the advantage of composite over timber decking?

    Composite decking has many advantages over timber; a 25 year guarantee for starters, whereas timber, won’t have one. Composite will only need a sweep now and again whereas timber will need sanding and treating almost every year. Most composite decks have hidden fixings so there no unsightly, rusting screw heads. If you were to spill red wine or something that stains it will ruin timber boards, however composite decking is far less porous and will not stain.