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Fencing Related Services

Close Board

One of our favourite choices for a hardy fence that will stand the test of time, can be erected in varying heights and widths, with each run not being governed by standard fence panel size, it is also very versatile.

Panel and Concrete Post

Concrete gravel boards and posts will stand the test of time the posts are slotted so the panels can easily be changed.

Picket Fences

Small picket fences can be  a good idea in the front of your property to define your boundary, they can also be good to keep dogs in an area of your garden.

Gate Piers

Depending on the weight of your gates they may require some heavy duty piers to hang on, steel beams inside the pier which the hinges will be welded too are the answer, piers can be built in brickwork, blockwork or walling.

  • Pricing

    Work TypeAverage Price
    6' Close board fencing per panel£200
    6' Standard panel fencing£95
    Repair spur£40
    Gates fitted starting from£220
    Cedar contemporary fencing per linear meter £180
    Please note: All above prices are a guide, as jobs will be priced individually.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I stain my fence?

    This is the million dollar question and it really boils down to personal opinion, pressure treated fencing left to season will eventually turn a silvery pewter colour and won’t need any additional treatment. Colouring with paint or stain is likely to elongate the life of untreated and treated woods but will need a regular application to ensure an even colour and protection due to sun bleaching and fading.

    Are concrete posts better than wood?

    Yes and no, yes because they won’t rot, but wooden posts do look much nicer.

    Whats the best fence?

    My personal opinion is a close board fence, it’s much stronger than panels and look so much better. Concrete posts and gravel boards can be used with close board and counter rail and capping really set it off, we use 2 bags of postcrete around each post so there’s no way the fence will move.