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Driveway Related Services

Block Paved Driveways

Concrete block paving offers a wide selection of sizes, styles and colours that will add character to your driveway, as well as providing a durable long lasting surface. The blocks can be used to form regular, irregular and specific patterns as per requirement.

Tarmac Driveways

When edged with a nice block or granite setts tarmac can look great, we can lay the sub base and edgings then well get a tarmac contractor in the spread the tarmac.

Slab Driveways

With the many ranges on the market there will be something to suit all tastes and budgets, i would recommend sealing the slabs though as tyres and oil stains could ruin the look of the drive.

Driveway Drainage

Aco channels and soak aways can be a must for driveways especially if your drives on a slope, permeable block paving is also an option, if your drive slopes to the road you will need drainage at the front to meet regulations.

Driveway Repair and Renovation

If your block paving has a sunken area this can easily be fixed or if you just want your drive cleaned up we can take care of that for you.

Driveway Gates and Accessories.

Gates and railings are great for security and are easily achieved, wether you want a timber gated or an automatic iron gate, we can build the piers and organise the electrics for you.

  • Pricing

    Work TypeAverage Price per m2
    Standard Block Paving£80
    Gravel driveways£50
    Tarmac driveway£60
    Slab driveway£90
    Please note: All above prices are a guide, as jobs will be priced individually.
  • Gallery of Recent Driveway Projects

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    What is the cheapest option?

    For most people cost will be a big factor. Concrete is probably the cheapest material, although on larger drives tarmac comes close. Then there is the various concrete block paving stones and slabs, where the price variation is massive. Gravel probably comes somewhere between the aforementioned two, with the big advantage being that you can lay it yourself with few tools – if you have the back for it!

    Do i need driveway channels?

    If your drive falls to the road drainage channels will be needed to stop the rainwater flowing onto the road.

    What better block paving or tarmac?

    We prefer block paving but both are a great choice, The reason, in our opinion that block paving wins is because it’s easy to repair, if a section sinks or oil is spilt, the blocks can easily be taken up and relaid/replaced, also if you need to get access to a pipe or cable the work can be done and the blocks can be relaid whereas tarmac will have to be patched and that might not match the rest of the drive.