When we started this garden was overgrown and needed a lot of work to clear it, there was 3 outbuildings, a large pond and the fence was falling down. Once it was cleared we could start on the following.

  • Put up a close board fence
  • Lay the concrete foundation for the garden room
  • Connect the garden room to the main drains
  • Build a new small pond
  • Build a 6×2 timber frame for the decking
  • Lay the hardwood decking
  • Build a new brickwork wall to secure the existing wall
  • Lay sawn sandstone patio and steppingstones
  • Build a rendered clockwork seat and steps
  • Lay cedar onto of the seat
  • Spread slate chip pings around the steppingstones

The client could not believe the transformation we made to her garden and this project is right up there with our favourite gardens.

Breda Duignan, Ealing, London.